Publishing date: 8 September 2019

We are happy to announce that we now represent Rapid Oxygen R15, an innovative technology that allows anyone to get access to Oxygen rapidly wherever they are. The R15 is safe and simple to use and bridges the gap between an emergency call and the EMS arriving. 

The R15 Emergency Oxygen device is the only commercially available emergency oxygen technology that is safe to use in public places and that does not require user certification or training, maintenance, or specialized storage. The R15 Emergency Oxygen can be used in places such as schools, offices, hotels/resorts, fitness centers and even the airport. The R15 replaces explosive oxygen cylinders and can go where the cylinders are not permitted by law.

The R15 Emergency Oxygen Technology activates with just 3 simple steps and it can deliver 15 minutes of 100% humidified oxygen. The benefits are It requires no electricity or batteries and can be stored in any public area. The R15 is also maintenance free!

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