Publishing date: 3 September 2019

3CPM gastroenterology

We are thrilled to announce that we now represent 3CPM®’s Electrogastrogram (EGG). 3CPM is an innovative organisation that was formed in January 1998 to promote and further the proprietary Electrogastrogram (EGG) technology developed by one of its founders, Kenneth Koch, MD. As a world-renowned expert in diagnostic gastroenterology, Dr. Koch developed the initial EGG and associated EGGSAS software for clinical use.

The 3CPM® device detects, records, and analyzes the electrical activity of the stomach to diagnose the gastric myoelectrical activity (GMA) and abnormalities in a quick, accurate, and reproducible manner. These detected abnormalities are associated with several conditions that afflict millions worldwide. This non-invasive, user-friendly system was developed and tested on over 1,000 patients presenting with difficult symptomatology.

3CPM®’s Electrogastrogram (EGG) is indicated for the following clinical categories: Gastroparesis Tachygastria, Bradygastria, and reflux-related GERD+ Dyspepsia, which affects millions.

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