Consistent & Controlled Disinfection in 25 Seconds

Disinfection with high-energy UV-C light has been proven effective and safe. With their Impelux™ technology, UV Smart makes this applicable to validated disinfection of medical instruments and equipment. The result: a safer environment for healthcare professionals and their patients.

The D25 from UV Smart helps create a safer care environment in just 25 seconds. The D25 is used in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare facilities. The Impelux ™ technology using UV-C light ensures effective, validated Log-5 disinfection of medical instruments and equipment, without the use of chemicals or liquids. It is a user-friendly device, and is completely safe for material, electronics and healthcare professionals.

The Product - D25

Intent for use: The UV Smart D25 is intended to reduce micro-organism count by at least log-4 on hard, non-porous outer surfaces (glass, plastic, metal) of non-invasive medical devices within 25 seconds by using UV-C light.

Advantages and Applications

How it Works - 4 Simple Steps


Brochure D25