Consistent & Controlled Disinfection in 25 Seconds

Disinfection with high-energy UV-C light has been proven effective and safe. With their Impelux™ technology, UV Smart makes this applicable to validated disinfection of medical instruments and equipment. The result: a safer environment for healthcare professionals and their patients.

The D25 from UV Smart helps create a safer care environment in just 25 seconds. The D25 is used in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare facilities. The Impelux ™ technology using UV-C light ensures effective, validated Log-5 disinfection of medical instruments and equipment, without the use of chemicals or liquids. It is a user-friendly device, and is completely safe for material, electronics and healthcare professionals.

The Product - D25

Intent for use: The UV Smart D25 is intended to reduce micro-organism count by at least log-4 on hard, non-porous outer surfaces (glass, plastic, metal) of non-invasive medical devices within 25 seconds by using UV-C light.

Advantages and Applications

How it Works - 4 Simple Steps

Fast cycle

The Impelux™ technology ensures consistent and repeatable disinfection in 50 seconds.


The Impelux™ technology does not damage materials and ensures no outward radiation.

Easy to use

User friendly, requires only one power outlet, transportable and therefore easily integrable into existing workflows.

Environmentally friendly

No use of water, harmful chemicals or liquids.

A Unique Solution for Endoscopes and Ultrasounds

In only five steps, the UV Smart D60 that is currently in testing, will ensure high-level disinfection of channel-less endoscopes and ultrasound transducers. As is known, endoscopes are now used under stricter supervision, and a watertight process for cleaning and disinfection is required. The D60 prepares all brands of equipment for safe use on the next patient within 15 minutes. This reduces the number of endoscopes required, the turnaround time and the risk of damage. The entire process can even take place inside the same department, without then need of specialized personnel. The D60 is currently being tested internationally in various clinics and laboratories.


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