Look at the advantage of a demo pool for your expensive medical technology!

Purchasing a demo unit is often an obstacle for distributors due to the significant financial investment required when it comes to expensive medical technology. Too often, we see a non-conclusive partnership between manufacturers and distributors because of this requirement.

The ability to showcase the devices’ advanced features and benefits firsthand helps potential customers better understand your products’ value proposition. This in-depth demonstration is crucial for convincing customers of the superiority of your device, ultimately leading to sales.
In a competitive market, setting oneself apart from competitors is vital. Expensive demo units can serve as a key differentiating factor for distributors. Distributors position themselves as industry leaders and innovators by offering potential customers access to your advanced and cutting-edge technologies.

End-Users often view distributors with advanced demo units as more credible and trustworthy. They perceive the distributor to be invested in their success and willing to invest in top-of-the-line equipment. Unfortunately, time is of the essence today, and it is crucial that manufacturers see demo units as a part of their marketing budget and not only as a discount sale.

Despite the initial hesitation due to the cost involved, providing a demo pool can give distributors numerous long-term benefits. From enhanced product showcasing and increased sales conversion rate to differentiation from competitors and trust establishment, these demo pools are a strategic investment.

For more information on establishing your demo pool, do not hesitate to contact us.

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