Publishing date: 18 May 2019

Thornhill Medical is exhibiting the MOVES® SLC™ and the MADM™–Mobile Anesthesia Delivery Module at Basel Congress Center from May 20th to 24th for the ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine 2019.

Come visit booth #1 to discover those two amazing military medical solutions. 

The MOVES® SLC™ is the world’s first life support system with a built-in oxygen concentrator. It extracts oxygen from the air to deliver 0.85 FiO2 concentrations for ventilated patients, without the need for O2 tanks! This helps makes the MOVES® SLC™ system 50% smaller and 60% lighter than standard transport life support systems currently in use. The system includes a ventilator, an oxygen concentrator, a suction system, a patient monitoring module that displays vital signs and support for mounting up to 3 infusion pumps or a defibrillator. 

 The MADM™ is the first digital in-circuit anesthesia delivery device. It can be added to any ventilator to effectively turn it into an anesthesia machine. With the anesthesia in-circuit, it’s much simpler to monitor and control the amount delivered to the patient. This technology makes it possible to have a way more compact and economical equipment.

To learn more about this amazing military solution, please visit our booth or contact us.