The EpiShuttle at the 25th JADM in Kobe, Japan

Publishing date: 13 February 2020

EpiGuard will be presenting their innovative modular single patient isolation system to the Japanese Association of Disaster Medecine this February 20th to 22nd. The theme of the 25th annual meeting of JADM is “Are we OK with Today’s Disaster Medicine!?”. Despite major improvements in the latest decades, the latest outbreak of the coronavirus reminds us that some aspects of our crisis preparedness are still lacking. One of these aspects is the isolation of infectious patients.

The EpiShuttle is an innovative medical isolation and transportation system designed for optimal safety and numerous treatment options during patient loading and transport. The unit is a single patient isolator made of cleanable materials. EpiShuttle can be carried and is compatible with leading ambulance-stretcher undercarriage EMS systems. The EpiShuttle is compatible with most mechanical ventilator circuits. Using negative pressure and P3-filtration, the isolator provides environmental protection from particulate cross-contamination of highly infectious diseases. In positive pressure mode, the isolator protects patients from hazardous environmental agents through the use of CBRN filters. The design allows for full intensive care treatment and emergency procedures, such as intubation and insertion of central venous catheters. The EpiShuttle is designed for safe transportation, multiple uses, easy communication and optimal patient comfort.

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