The Sim-Ortho by OSSimTech is a virtual reality training simulator designed to teach and train orthopedic open-surgery. As the world’s first of its kind, the Sim-Ortho simulator offers unique possibilities to expand medical education of orthopedic surgery. The Sim-Ortho enables simulation training of complex orthopedic procedures in knee and spine surgery as well as trauma surgery. 

  • Experience of real-time haptic feed-back (applied force and resistance)
  • Allows practice of knee arthroplasty procedures, spine surgeries and trauma procedures including intervention-based tasks (such as drilling, screwing and sawing)
  • Allows handling and manipulation of handheld orthopedic surgical tools in a real surgical environment
  • Allows tracking of total tool movement (precision, orientation, amplitude, and depth), applied forces and tasks completion time
  • Performing software adaptable to training agenda and curriculum

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