Lightpoint Medical is a UK-based medical device company specializing in the development of advanced intra-operative cancer detection tools. Founded in 2012, Lightpoint is a technology leader in targeted cancer surgery.

SENSEI probe

Miniature surgical gamma probe

SENSEI® is an advanced guidance system designed for intracavity radio-guided surgery. The system’s miniaturized gamma probe enables unprecendented dexterity and anatomic reach, expanding the field of view and enabling the quick localization of radioactive hotspots.

How it works

Intended use

SENSEI® is comprised of a tethered probe connected to a mains powered control unit. The system is intended to detect and quantify gamma radiation emitted by a radiopharmaceutical by displaying an audio and graphical display on the control unit.

SENSEI® is indicated for use during sentinel lymph node biopsy in adult patients diagnosed with prostate, endometrial, and cervical cancer.


SENSEI® probe measures just over 40mm in length


Enables quick localization of radioactive hotspots in multiple locations


The SENSEI® probe is disposable and doesn’t require a sterile sheath or reprocessing 


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