Bioana Medical Device Development

Innovative device for safe, effective and non-invasive urine sample collection.

The normal procedure for collecting urine samples for diagnostic purposes is a simple method in which a clean container is used to collect the sample while the person urinates. Unfortunately people with cognitive or physical disability and elderly people with limitations in mobility are completely dependent on caregivers for the sample collection, therefore their alternatives include invasive methods such as Foley catheter and pubic puncture. All of these techniques have significant drawbacks including low effectiveness rate, the need of specialized medical personnel for the procedure to be done, high risk of infection and especially patient discomfort.

Bioana incorporated an innovative device inside a regular diaper that allows the collection of the urine sample in a safe, effective and non-invasive way. 

Safe and comfortable alternative for urine sample collection

BioAna Recopad

Reduces time and costs for the laboratories

Safe and comfortable for the patient

Has no influence on the chemical composition of the sample

Recopad product package


Recopad® product brochure

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