R15 by Rapid Oxygen

Emergency Oxygen Technology

Grab-and-Go Oxygen in a box for home safety, drug overdoses, and other medical events

Safe: Unlike Oxygen Cylinders, the R15 is non-explosive and can be used by anyone, anywhere

Immediate: Bridges the gap between an emergency call and EMS arrival

Accessible: The R15 is permitted in public places and easily carried to a person in need

Simple: No training required, activate with 3 simple steps

Emergency Oxygen When You Need It

The R15 Emergency Oxygen device is the only commercially available emergency oxygen technology that is safe to use in public places and that does not require user certification or training, maintenance, or specialized storage. The R15 replaces explosive oxygen cylinders and can go where the cylinders are not permitted by law.

The R15 is portable and bridges the gap between an emergency call and EMS arrival. With this gap now closed, millions of lives can be saved. The R15 enables anyone to assist in a breathing emergency, rather than being unable to help.

R15 by Rapid Oxygen is the perfect solution for ...

Public Transportation

Millions of travelers go through US airports each year. In fact, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport in the world, with more than 100 million passengers a year. Due to the immense traffic of passengers and the enormous space that passengers’ travel across airports, there are multiple “first aid” stations which include AED’s. The R15 portable emergency Oxygen device is an ideal companion product to the airport’s current safety items available for travelers to access in case of a medical emergency.


With over 70 million students across the US, schools and universities have a high priority for keeping their students and staff safe. Medical emergencies in schools may occur on any day; even when the school nurse is out of the building. So, it is critical to have an accessible, safe and easy-to-use emergency oxygen device available such as the R15, for use by any student, teacher, staff member or guest. 


Unlike compressed gas cylinders, the R15 is the only safe emergency oxygen system for all facilities. The R15 can be placed on a shelf or any visible area where everyone can see it for quick access in emergencies. Oxygen cylinders must be stored in fire resistant cabinets and only people who have specific training may activate an oxygen cylinder. The R15’s breakthrough technology improves emergency readiness while reducing potential liability.

Home Safety

In the event of a home emergency, a family member can activate the R15 and place the mask on their mouth to safely receive 100% oxygen before EMS arrive. The R15 provides emergency oxygen during an airway or cardiac emergency as well as during a fire, allowing the person to breathe safely in a smoky environment while they get out of their home to safety. 

Drug Overdose

“Individuals who are experiencing opioid overdose should be ventilated with 100% oxygen before naloxone is administered so as to reduce the risk of acute lung injury” 

-SAMSHA, Dept. of Health and Human Services, USA


Regardless of your office’s location, it can take some time for EMS/EMT to reach the person who needs medical attention. You’ll want to be as prepared as possible to deal with any cardiac or airway medical situation where an employee or visitor needs supplemental oxygen while waiting for EMS arrival. Our R15 portable emergency oxygen device can provide a victim with a continuous flow of 100% oxygen for 15 minutes at 6 liters per minute during the critical moments before the EMS/EMT arrive.

The R15 is a solution easy to use and without limitations

How to Activate the R15:

The R15 Emergency Oxygen Technology by Rapid Oxygen activates with just 3 simple steps. It can be used anywhere, at anytime, and by anyone.

It can deliver 15 minutes of 100% humidified oxygen. It requires no electricity or batteries, and can be stored in any public area. The product is activated in three simple steps, and includes an oxygen mask. The R15 is also maintenance free!



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