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The TRYONIX® is a Sternal Replacement Implant that is designed for the reconstruction of the chest after resection of bone tumors. The adaptability of the TRYONIX® makes it the perfect solution for total or partial sternectomy. The system is made of Titanium alloy Ti 6-Al 4-V to ensure solidity, quality and durability. 

Contents of the system

- TRIONYX® sternal plates (range of 6 sizes)

- Reinforced sternal staples

- Right precurved sternal staples

- Left precurved sternal staples

- Anti-vibration screws


After a sternal resection, the TRIONYX® prosthesis recreates the thoracic rigidity necessary to ensure normal respiratory mechanics and thus eliminate the risk of paradoxal breathing.

The TRIONYX® implant allows a stable and solid reconstruction of the sternum and/ or manubrium after total or partial sternectomy.

TRIONYX® protects vital and mediastinal organs such as the heart, large vessels and lungs.

The ThoRib® is the solution for thoracic osteosynthesis problems.  This innovative system composed of staples and rods covers a large array of applications including Traumatology, Cancerology, Esthetics and Gyboplasty. It is also made of Titanium alloy Ti 6-Al 4-V to ensure solidity, quality and durability.


- Severe thoracic trauma

- Thoracic reconstruction

- Rib stabilization after invasive breast tumor resection

- Malignant lung tumor necessitating rib resection

- Gyboplasty.


The THORIB® system solves the problems of thoracic osteosynthesis.

The ThoRib® emergency kit allows rapid management of chest trauma.

The ThoRib® connector associated with spinal fixation systems such as CTJ and G2S® makes it possible to protect the dura mater from pulmonary compression in the case of Pancoast tumor.

The ThoRib® system is available in sterile or non-sterile packaging.



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