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Skin prep kit

Traditional preoperative skin preparation performed inside the operating room is the most expensive patient care area.

Rather than using common paint-on applicators containing small volumes of antiseptics inside the OR, the ULTRAPREP™ system utilizes a pooled-on technique in which the antiseptic and the body region are placed into the patented, clear plastic containment sleeves outside the OR — allowing thorough skin coverage on all skin parts, between skin folds, between fingers/toes and under nails.

ULTRAPREP™ applications

In a 114-patient clinical trial on extremity surgeries, ULTRAPREP™ proved to save 6-9 minutes per surgery by shifting OR skin prep to outside the OR. For hospitals focused on better healthcare outcomes, this can mean over 15% – 30% increase in OR efficiencies for more surgeries to be done per day/week.

How it Works


Single/Multi-use rails, single-use isolette sleeve with four integrated gloves and multi-port airway management gateway

ISOCUBE™ is a transparent protective barrier isolette enclosure designed to cover a patient’s head and upper torso. It incorporates four integrated molded glove sleeves through which the Healthcare Professional’s  hands are inserted to perform medical procedures.

ISOCUBE™ was developed by Prep Tech’s medical team as an additional level of protection for medical workers in the OR, ER and ICU. 

ISOCUBE™ applications

ISOCUBE’S two innovative flagship products each utilize patent-pending frames, drapes, and clear disposable isolette bags with integrated gloves – specifically designed to reduce medical team exposure to potential contaminants.


Stainless Steel Base and Rails with Disposable Custom Isolette/Drape


Lightweight, Single-use Isolette with Metal Frame and Custom Isolette/Drape

How it Works


ISOCUBE™ Brochure

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