PREcovery® and ISOlution®

The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) Society guidelines promote carbohydrates and liquid consumption before surgery instead of fasting. Fasting before surgery leaves patients unprepared for the metabolic stress of surgery. As a result, surgical infection, prolonged hospital stay, and lean muscle loss create an increased risk to patients and prohibitive costs to healthcare systems. EMN’s products are compliant with ERAS® Society guidelines to promote enhanced recovery.


A Simple Solution With Proven Results

PREcovery® is a complex carbohydrate drink mix that is used for the dietary preparation of elective surgical patients. PREcovery® is an evidence-based formulation designed to reduce postoperative insulin resistance and improve outcomes. PREcovery® offers the lowest osmolality results among competitor products, ensuring safe and timely gastric emptying before surgery.


  • Insulin Resistance
  • Length of Hospital Stay
  • Vomiting & Nausea
  • Nitrogen & Protein Loss
  • Hunger, Thirst and Anxiety


  • Patient Wellbeing
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Muscle Strength


Adequate Protein Intake to Prepare for Surgery

ISOlution® is a clinical grade whey protein isolate powder (WPI) that is indicated to support prehabilitation, wound healing, the management of malnutrition, and the increased protein requirements of ill and aging individuals. ISOlution® is sourced from New Zealand grass-fed dairy and is enhanced with 34% more leucine than standard whey protein products – leucine is an essential amino acid that can only be obtained through diet, and is key to aiding in muscle development and maintenance.