MEDTECH Q&A #1 – Electrogastrography with 3CPM

In this interview, the GI experts – Dr. Mark Noar, CEO of the 3CPM® Company, and Dr. Kenneth Koch, Section Head of Section on Gastroenterology at Wake Forest University, are presenting the electrogastrography technology and discussing its implementation in clinical practice.

To learn more about The 3CPM® Company’s Electrogastrogram Machine and other latest medical technologies visit their product page.


00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – What is electrogastrography?
05:13 – EGG in GI’s daily practice. ICC and stomach rhythmicity
09:57 – EGG in clinical practice
12:51 – Hyponormal and hypernormal EGG activity
15:01 – Single VS Multichannel EGG
18:31 – Gastroparesis diagnostics and management
23:22 – What training is required to use an EGG?
28:22 – How can the EGG identify gastroparesis subtypes?
31:57 – Clinical evidence for EGG
34:28 – EGG and patient safety
37:35 – Electrogastrography cost VS benefits
44:34 – How EGG provides better patient outcomes
46:33 – Electrogastrography as a potential standard of care

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