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From a simple walkthrough to our complete LMA solution we help our customers to define the directions to better identifying and capturing growth targets

  • Strategy walkthrough​
  • Network Connection Manufacturer Agent
  • Received Package Qualification
  • Artboard-8 Training
  • Business review
  • Clinical Knowledge
  • LOK Insight

Strategy walkthrough​

The global MedTech market is fast growing and requires companies to adapt quickly and strategically. For new innovative manufacturers, the complexity of the global ecosystem can be overwhelming and challenging in the execution of their go-to-market strategy. Our LOK Strategy walkthrough will reassure you of details that can blindside your strategy. With a simple overview of your global strategy for a few hours, we will not only point out the area of concern with optimized solutions but also make sure that you are ready for the execution of your plan.

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Network Connection

LOK Manufacturer Agent

The LMA is built on the experience of 2 decades of LOK Corporation providing strategic advice to its customers. We offer not only proprietary tools developed but also extensive experience in the execution of the strategic plan. We had the privilege to work from start-ups to public Companies in the Innovative Medtech Industry.

Are you at the doorstep of deploying your go-to-market strategy?
Take the opportunity to have proactive experts analyze and help with the final details that could leverage your success.

Are you already on the market and struggling with challenges?
Let us help you realign your strategy and assist you in the execution.

We will identify the reliable distribution partner for your region of choice, we will assure their qualification, training certification on your products, providing you with reports on activities and business reviews. But also supporting you through distribution agreements, regulatory needs, market intel and much more.

Received Package

LOK Qualification

Before you sign your distribution contract it is essential to check all the boxes in order to avoid numerous pitfalls that might damage your brand and put your business at risk.

We carefully review potential distributors on relevant criteria, such as portfolio congruence, salesforce, management, QMS and promotional activities. We also do a reference check, so you can be sure that all the information at your disposal is valid.


LOK Training

We came to appreciate how much the current industry standards are inefficient at maintaining a well-trained sales force. Most manufacturers are accustomed to face-to-face sales training sessions and attending Regional or International kick-off meetings. Some manufacturers also take initiative and host these meetings at their facilities, but these can be very costly and sometimes ineffective. Most of the time, kick-off meetings are attended by the distributor’s upper management and not by the sales representatives themselves. You end up putting your fate into the manager’s hands and hoping that their team gets trained exactly how you conducted your training. You should take control of the training sales representatives receive on your product by making sure that everyone is trained in the same way and has access to the same information.

  • Training should be available as a reference to the representative at all times from anywhere in the world.
  • Training should focus on the benefits of your product but also how it differs from the competition.
  • Training should be mandatory for everyone who represents your product.
  • Training content should be provided by your company either in person or virtually.
  • Training should have a resources section where up to date materials are constantly updated.

Our sales training solution is designed to standardise the message throughout your sales resource, both internal and external. To do so, trainees have to go through and understand three main course sections: the technology, the science and the selling, after which their understanding is put to test.

LOK Business review

Having a clear picture of what is happening on the field is important, but not always easy to achieve. We leverage our third-party position to gather the relevant information from the distributors and compile a report for you.

How many times did you arrived at the end of the year and could not understand the results of your distributors because of lack of information? Important decisions need to be taking all the time, but do you have the appropriate information to make them? From a simple strategic realign to a more complex termination of your agreement, not only you need the information to justify your next steps but it is critical to understand your ecosystem.
LOK Business Review is designed to provide you with not only forecast but the essential information for you to understand the dynamic of a region with your sales network. Understanding activities that are done on the market from your distributors, from presentation, evaluation, quotes and tenders to interaction with KOL’s to tradeshows.

LOK Clinical Knowledge

Medtech are spending tremendous amount of money to provide evidence on their technology, sometimes several years and hundreds of thousand of dollar are spent to demonstrate the efficiency of their product.

Once the results are out, it is provide to distributors, but are they reading them? Are they understanding them? You know that understanding the evidence is crucial for sales representative to create the desired impact of your product on the market!

Would you like to see how we are summarizing not only your evidence but making sure that your sales force understands it?

LOK Insight

You don’t always have time to monitor what your competitors are doing or potential threats coming on your market.

Your personalized insight briefing on a quarterly basis is waiting for you.
You will discover important facts that are related specifically to your company.

  • Competitors profiles
    Competitors profiles
  • Press releases summary
    Press releases summary
  • Social media activities with important statistics
    Social media activities with important statistics
  • Related Industry news
    Related Industry news
  • Start-up matrix
    Start-up matrix
  • Financial summary and more
    Financial summary and more

Understand your ecosystem


Successful companies pay close attention to what their customers are saying or simply impose their way of doing business. Which one are you?

Voice of Distributor is the process of gathering vital information regarding what your distributors really think and feel about their experiences with your Company.

The goal is to learn about their expectations regarding your products and your services. They are your direct eyes and ears on the field, interacting with your end-user customers.

We are collecting twice a year all important information to help you confirming the efficiency of your action plan or the critical points to pay attention in a different format then a simple opinion formulate during a call or visit at a tradeshow!

We are removing the emotion and sensitivity of the critics by providing a confidential report where only the information is provided with recommendations helping you to address the concerns from the market.
Learn what you could do to help your customers, what they are looking for and behavior patterns.

Understand the gap between their expectation and their actual experiences.

You want to see how your VOD could create a positive impact not only on your company but with the relationship and trust with your closer partners… your distributors!


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