Our services for medical device manufacturers​

We support the medtech manufacturers on every step of their journey starting with the prototype production and up to the moment of distributor’s business reviews.

Support where it's needed the most

LOK Corporation represents companies ranging in size from start-ups to very large firms to optimize their worldwide distribution. With our two core services we address the medical companies that seek to open the new distribution channels and to lower the cost of medical device manufacturing.

Manufacturer Agent

We help medical device manufacturers to open markets globally and provide tools to meet the QMS requirements.

Our contract manufacturing facilities offer the production of high-quality medical products at an affordable price.

With our vast experience in the industry we have developed tailored solutions to support the manufacturers in all aspects of their business.

Learn more about the range of services we offer to the manufacturers of innovative medical technologies:

We offer our services to medical device manufacturers in building turnkey online training platform.

Online training of the sales force helps to ensure the all the representatives receive the uniform and accurate information about the product, while they have access to the up to date learning materials that are timely updated.

The remote training for the end-users makes is ideal to ensure health professionals get an in-depth course on the product despite any hospital visit restrictions.

Contract manufacturing 


To be competitive, medical device manufacturers need affordable high-quality production options.

The location and economic advantages of the location helps DUV to manufacture high-quality medical products at an affordable price.

Medical technologies for the unique markets of Asia , Africa and South America

The medical devices for the limited resource areas need to meet the highly specific requirements of those markets.

LOK 3A helps to identify and distribute the affordable and adaptable solutions that fit perfectly the unique medical device markets of Asia, Africa and South America.

Consulting services for manufacturers

We assist medical device manufacturers in defining marketability, identifying the growth areas and structuring the marketing strategy.

We provide expertise on a consultation basis to manufacturers on

Investment facilitation

Growing innovative medical device companies require assistance on all stages of financing.

LOK Corporation is leveraging its extensive network and experience to introduce manufacturers looking from pre-seed to series B to the investment companies that they need. 

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