Our products at the NATO’s trainings in 2020

It is with great honor that we announce our most recent partnership with NATO’s Center of Excellence for Military Medicine. In the scope of the partnership, multiple of our military products will be integrated in the Emergency Management of Battlefield Injuries Course taking place in Hungary this May, and to the Emergency Medical Multinational Team Training in Italy this March and September.

To date, it was confirmed that the EpiShuttle® by EpiGuard and the MOVES® SLC™ from Thornhill Medical will be part of all three courses. Other of our current and future military products will be added shortly to the courses.

The EpiShuttle® is a single-patient isolation and transport system, designed to provide maximum patient safety and comfort while allowing critical care and treatment to be performed. The EpiShuttle® can protect the environment from an infected patient, or protect a vulnerable patient from a contaminated environment. The latest coronavirus outbreak is an unfortunate reminder that infectious crisis readiness is not optimal throughout the world.

The MOVES® SLC™ is the world’s first life support system with a built-in oxygen concentrator. It extracts oxygen from the air to deliver 0.85 FiO2 concentrations for ventilated patients, without the need for O2 tanks! This helps makes the MOVES® SLC™ system 50% smaller and 60% lighter than standard transport life support systems currently in use. The system includes a ventilator, an oxygen concentrator, a suction system, a patient monitoring module that displays vital signs and support for mounting up to 3 infusion pumps or a defibrillator.

For additional information about the products, please contact us or visit the product section of our website.