Connected Portable Ultrasound

The Oscult is a handheld ultrasound imaging device interfaced with an iPad Pro. It aims to change ultrasound image acquisition and to create new usage of ultrasound imaging. It allows the user to easily capture ultrasound imaging in a non-medical environment and if needed, quickly share and comment on a diagnostic with other doctors.


Oscult’s intuitive and ergonomic design makes it easy to use. It relies on IPad features that have already become reflex gestures such as sweeping, pinching or double-tapping, which make the settings and adjustments of the scanner the user-friendliest possible.

Compact & Portable

The Oscult can be taken anywhere, any time. It is perfectly suitable for multiple field applications including military, veterinary, humanitarian missions, EMS, nursing homes and home care services. To fit the requirements of field usage, it has an impressive 6-hour battery life while in use.


Oscult is the first connected ultrasound system enabling real-time sharing of images. This feature can easily be used to get a second opinion or benefit from live e-training with the assistance of a referring practitioner who can advise you and help with settings and measurements. 

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