NGPod Global is a UK-based medical device manufacturer dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the patient safety issues related to nasogastric tube (NGT) placement. The existing methods of NGT placement confirmation have quite a few limitations, such as high failure rates while obtaining samples for pH testing or X-ray misinterpretation.

NGPod device

Introducing the NGPOD®:
A new pH test to determine nasogastric tube placement

NGPOD® system removes the need to aspirate gastric contents from the patient, reduces clinical interpretation risk by providing a safe bedside test which gives the user an unambiguous yes or no result. It also reduces the need for unnecessary X-rays to confirm placement and offers patient safety, clinician and cost-efficiency benefits.

Provides rapid test results in 20 seconds

With the mean time to obtain NGPOD® result being only 22 seconds, it also eliminates spending extra time on changing the NG tubing

Simple to learn and operate

Clear result reduces the risk of human interpretation errors

Improves patient safety and reduces treatment delays

Receiving hydration, nutrition, medication without delay improves patient outcomes and reduces length of stay

NGPOD® provides quick and reliable test results, that reduce cost of NGT placement confirmation and enables an efficient use of clinical staff time.

The NGPOD® system

Handheld device

NGPOD® Handheld Device

NGPOD® Disposable Sensor


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