SpineGuard and Neuro France at Medica
2018-10-14 15:25:55

Come visit the orthopeadics desk in our booth (13B07) to discover Neuro France implants, as well as SpineGuard's Dynamic Surgical Guidance (DSG) technology. 

Our customer Neuro France Implants has equipped its G2S® pedicle screw system with the DSG™ technology from SpineGuard® to provide surgeons with greater confidence and peace of mind in knowing that they can place their screws more accurately than with any other technique. The combination of the DSG™ Integration Module within the G2S® pedicle screw system is a technologically advanced instrumentation that helps in streamlining the surgical steps required to prepare pedicles. The G2S® screws are unique for multiple features, including their double threading, a combination of the atraumatic S-block® threading and the cortico-cancellous threading. This innovative design enables increased resistance in the pedicle area, rapid bone healing, decreased cell compression and rapid osteo-integration.

Our spinal section will also feature the Dynalis-c®, a cervical prosthesis. This innovative combination of PEEK Optima and Titanium is the perfect solution for cervical disk replacement surgery without loss of motion in the neck. Its keel-less/screw-less design enables easier and quicker surgeries without damaging the vertebra.

Neuro France Thorax implants will also be featured in our booth with their unique Trionyx®, only solution for partial or total sternectomy. Indicated for sternal/manubrial bone tumor, this innovative prosthesis recreates the thoracic rigidity necessary to ensure normal respiratory mechanics and thus eliminate the risk of paradoxal breathing. The TRIONYX® implant allows a stable and solid reconstruction of the sternum and/or manubrium and protects vital and mediastinal organs such as the heart, large vessels and lungs.

To schedule a meeting or demonstration at Medica please contact us. To learn more about the products visit the www.neuro-france.net and the www.spineguard.com.