Medical Innovative Group at Medica
2018-10-01 15:03:54

The educational software company will have two dedicated screens in our booth, on which we invite you to discover Pathology 3D and their latest software. 

Screenshot from Academix 3DOn Pathology 3D screen, you will discover this highly realistic 3D environment designed to learn pathology. The software aimed at undergraduate students enables them to learn interactively 134 pathologies, as well as their respective manifestations on the organ, their histological slide and gross examination.

The latest software of Medical Innovative Group, Academix 3D, is a diagnostic software in which, a student interacts with a patient. The student can choose from a wide range of questions and test in order to identify the correct problem of the patient. Come take a break at our Medical Innovative Group coffee bar in our booth (13B07) and admire those products’ screening.

Please contact us to schedule a meeting at the event, or to schedule a live presentation if you are not visiting Medica 2018.