New medical devices

We are proud to present you the innovative technologies that became the most recent addition to our portfolio in 2021

 | Respiratory | OR |

Innovative airway management devices for safer, simpler and more secure intubation.

 | Radiology |

Advanced guidance system designed for intracavity radio-guided surgery.

 |OR | Infection Control |

Protective barrier enclosures that provides negative pressure environment to protect healthcare professionals from airborne diseases.

 | OR | 

Preoperative skin preparation kit that allows thorough skin coverage and saves a proven minimum of 6-9 minutes of the OR time.

 | ER | Military |


Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet – Stabilized™ for control of difficult bleeding in the primary junctional areas (inguinal and axillary) as well as the pelvis.

 | Long-term care facilities | Nursing homes |

Innovative device for safe, effective and non-invasive urine sample collection.

 | EMS | Neurology |

Non-invasive brain scanner that monitor the neurological status of a patient in real time.

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