The Medical Therapy System (MTS) by i-Med International is the first neuro-musculoskeletal system that combines 3 unique technologies in one incredibly effective system, combined with new parameters, modulations and technologies. The MTS is an innovative and highly effective new concept in medical, electro-mechanical therapy. It was developed in Switzerland and San Marino in collaboration with cell biologists, doctors and sports scientists. The focus is on rapid pain relief, joint mobility and a significant reduction in recovery time during and after injuries. The treatment is completely non-invasive, quick and effective, with no patient downtime. An immediate response to treatment can usually be observed during the first treatment.

MTS-Reset for Chronic Pain

Hundreds of millions of people are struggling with chronic pain worldwide and treatment can be very challenging. With the help of the i-med MTS-Reset, which is carried out via the central nervous system, it is possible to end chronic pain. The reset treatment makes it possible to influence the body’s nervous system on a cellular level in a new way. It is often possible to “reset” the central nervous system and to reduce or “erase” the body’s stored pain memory.

Six Modes of Treatments

Low-frequency ultrasound

Allows penetration of 4-6 cm deep into the tissue

Micro shockwave

Produces mechanical stimulation of the skin receptors

Thermal radio frequency

Activates the oxygen supply to the tissue by increasing vasodilation

Athermal radio frequency

Promotes pain relief and increased range of motion


Accelerates normal cellular processes in the tissues

Transdermal infiltration

Bring active ingredients, medicines or topical products into deeper tissues.

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