The MOVES® SLC™ is a key part of COVID-19 preparedness

COVID-19 Brochure

The MOVES® SLC™ mobile intensive care unit is the world’s first life support system with a built-in oxygen concentrator. It extracts oxygen from the air to deliver 0.85 FiO2 concentrations for ventilated patients, without the need for O2 tanks! This helps makes the MOVES® SLC™ system 50% smaller and 60% lighter than standard transport life support systems currently in use.
The system attaches to a patient stretcher and is compact enough to fit in any vehicle, rotary, or fixed wing aircraft, allowing MOVES® SLC™ to be used anywhere mobile ICU capability and oxygen are needed. 


The system has been tested in extreme conditions of temperature, altitude, shock, vibration, EMC, sand, dust, and rain. It’s also been fully evaluated by the US Aeromedical Airworthiness Laboratory at Ft. Rucker (USAARL), making MOVES the ideal solution for disaster relief and medevac transport.

MOVES® SLC™ includes:

  • a ventilator
  • an oxygen concentrator
  • a suction system
  • a patient monitoring module that displays vital signs
  • support for mounting up to 3 infusion pumps or a defibrillator




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