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Mireye focuses on the design and development of high-tech imaging solutions for improving workflow in the radiology segment. At the core of their unique technology lies the intelligent 3D camera solution that automates the x-ray aquisition process.

Mireye Intelligent Imaging Technology

Equipped with a specialized 3D camera and powerful AI engine the system can recognize the patient, calculate the distance and subject’s thickness. The system will automatically provide the lowest dosage imaging parameters.

The AVet40 veterinary imaging system

AVet40 digital imaging system incorporates Mireye Imaging technology to enable auto thickness detection (ATD). This feature measures the thickness of the patient’s anatomy in real-time to determine safe and effective exposure.

Intelligent workflow

The system’s auto thickness detection function will automatically evaluate patient and prefill parameters for the acquisition process.


AVet40 is equipped with a 4-way floating table and can be easily moved to clean the area behind. The system has Push and Open pull out tray to access DR detector and front panel latch mechanism for easy generator access.


ATD reduces the exam duration while capturing a great image with the lowest dosage. Automated experience eliminates the possibility of retakes and helps to lower clinician and patient exposure.

AVet40 has 15-inch Touch-screen operator console and an optional tablet-based remote workstation for the optimized image acquisition workflow.

Easy-to-use software enables quick navigation through the protocols, image processing and adjustment to achieve a clear x-ray image.

3D ATD Collimator

The veterinary x-ray collimator with an integrated binocular camera measures the thickness of the body part under study with an error of less than 1 mm. Collimator controls the generator dosage by detecting the body part for ideal exposure and allows easy and confident setting of the exposure parameters.

High Frequency X-Ray Generator

AVet40 is equipped with a single-phase 220V generator and has an option of 110-volt input creating a simple installation and easy relocation of the digital x-ray system.

Customer-centred approach

Mireye is an experienced original equipment manufacturer. The capability of the system components customization makes it possible to meet the requirements of veterinarians and their staff.

Mireye provides excellent customer support with remote equipment diagnostics, calibration and maintenance.

Each element of design and interface is created in a way that optimises the user experience and makes the task of high-quality image acquisition swift and smooth.


Mireye 3D ATD Collimator

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