Agent Services

We provide a range of services to help the medical device manufacturers to open and expand distribution channels around the world and manage the distributors who represent their product.

Turnkey solution for medical device companies

Over the years, we have built a reputation representing major players such as Masimo, SoClean and Lidco, but also companies that were in their first steps of commercialization.

Years on the market
Distributors worldwide

Accelerate your international outreach

Medical device manufacturers are facing numerous challenges while launching their disruptive technology on the market or while establishing international distribution channels. Our goal is to provide them with services that we developed over the years to better structure distribution channels and ensure proper representation of their product.

Network Connection

Market Penetration

We search for potential qualified distributors in your region of choice, identify the reliable distribution partner for you and support you through the contract signing process.

Distributor Qualification

We carefully review potential distributors on relevant criteria, such as portfolio congruence and promotional activities. We also do a reference check, so you can be sure that all the information at your disposal is valid.


Business Reviews

Having a clear picture of what is happening on the field is important, but not always easy to achieve. We leverage our third-party position to gather the relevant information from the distributors and compile a report for you.

Why distributor qualification is important?

Before you sign your distribution contract it is essential to check all the boxes in order to avoid numerous pitfalls that might damage your brand and put your business at risk.

How we do the distributor qualification


Salesforce Certification

Manufacturers have a regulatory responsibility to control and structure the message used by sales representatives, both from their company and from distribution partners. The Salesforce Certification is aimed to assesses a proper understanding of the product.

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