Low Radiation Dose High-Speed Full Body X-Ray

Lodox Systems is a global leader in producing full body X-ray imaging devices for medical use in trauma and forensic pathology centres. Their machines are capable of producing X-ray images up to 6 feet in length in an incredible 13 seconds. They combined these unprecedented speeds with a minimal radiation dose while at the same time presenting an image of exceptional quality.



The effectiveness and high speed of Xmplar-dr imaging dramatically reduce the resuscitation time of patients with major injury, and allow imaging of a large number of patients in a very short time. The full-body image can show injuries throughout the body, providing a complete picture of a patient’s medical state that will guide diagnosis, while providing space for resuscitation at all times and providing immediate insight into what further imaging, and treatment, may be necessary.

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The eXero-dr full-body images present a comprehensive clinical picture, reducing guesswork, offering peace of mind, and better guiding cause-of-death determination. Facility workflow is improved by targeting or, in certain cases, obviating the need for an autopsy. A pathologist’s clinical judgement and forensic acumen is supplemented, making Lodox an invaluable resource.

Brochure eXero-dr

How Lodox Compares to Traditional X-Ray Scanners

Xmplar-dr Overview

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