Revolutionary care for neonatal jaundice delivering NICU-intensity care at the mother's side

Neonatal jaundice/hyperbilirubinemia is one of the most common neonatal conditions, and the incidence jumps to 80% for preterm infants. Phototherapy devices are commonly used to treat this condition, but while in some countries newborns are separated from their mothers for treatment in the hospital, in others, these life-saving technologies are not even available.

Little Sparrows Technologies created bili-hut™ to provide the most clinically effective phototherapy treatment that can easily be set up next to the mother, whether in the hospital or at home, keeping her close to the baby when it matters most.

bili-hut™ is a unique portable high-intensity phototherapy device for jaundice treatment that offers an arched light configuration with increased skin illumination by at least 50% percent compared to traditional phototherapy devices.

The Product - bili-hut™

Multi-directional illumination: The next generation of phototherapy

bili-hut™ has a patented, curved light array that focuses more light uniformly distributed, over additional skin surface area for superior jaundice treatment compared to traditional uni-directional overhead and under-surface devices.

Carefully designed to deliver safe and efficient treatment to newborn in home or hospital

bili-hut™ is a portable phototherapy device capable of battery operation.

Its treatment environment is designed for warmth & comfort, eliminating the need for an incubator.

The use of focused illumination reduces exposure risk to the eyes and single-use ‘nest’ reduces infection risk.


bili-hut™ brochure

Introducing the latest solution to accessible jaundice screening

The bili-ruler™ is a non-invasive jaundice screening device that enables visual comparison of validated color swatches corresponding to ranges of serum bilirubin to the blanched skin on the tip of an infant’s nose. bili-ruler™ allows to rapidly approximate the bilirubin level and determine the need for further diagnostic testing and treatment.

bili-ruler™ comes with a custom case that not only protects the device but also includes the instructions for use and a guide to serum bilirubin ranges corresponding to each color swatch.

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