Licensing opportunity for medical device manufacturers:  Mobile hyperbaric device – HematoCare™

Combining compression therapy and cryotherapy provides athletes and patients with faster recovery while reducing pain and inflammation

Licensing opportunity for medical device manufacturers:  Mobile hyperbaric device – HematoCare™

We proudly introduce the HematoCare™, the world’s lightest hyperbaric device. The HematoCare™ is the world’s first and only portable device capable of providing the same technical features and performance as rigid hyperbaric devices, offering a remarkable 3ATA (absolute atmospheres) pressure.

Hyperbaric devices are vital for certain approved medical conditions, but traditional rigid devices have limitations in mobility, cost, and installation requirements. The unique features of the HematoCare™ revolutionize this industry by combining the clinical benefits of rigid chambers with unprecedented portability and accessibility.

Unlike other portable devices, the HematoCare™ sets itself apart by offering the ability to pressurize up to 3ATA, equivalent to rigid devices currently on the market. That means that healthcare professionals can provide hyperbaric therapy at optimal pressure levels, ensuring the highest level of patient care.

In addition to its outstanding technical capabilities, the HematoCare™ offers the advantage of portability. Its compact design allows for convenient protection, storage, and transportation without compromising clinical performance. While traditional rigid chambers are bulky and immobile, the HematoCare™ can be easily transported and installed in any suitable space.

By eliminating the need for large-scale installation and reducing weight by a factor of 10 compared to rigid devices, the HematoCare™ presents a cost-effective solution. It significantly reduces purchase and installation expenses, making hyperbaric therapy more accessible to a broader range of medical facilities and patients.

We are excited to partner with Gaumond Medical Group to make the HematoCare™ hyperbaric device available. This innovative technology will enable healthcare providers worldwide to offer high-quality hyperbaric therapy with unmatched convenience and cost.

If you want more information about licensing the HematoCare™ Hyperbaric Chamber, please, contact us.

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