Koalys is the first web platform for hearing care. Koalys offers turnkey solutions to treat hearing impairment from the first screening, through in depth diagnostic to the actual hearing aid fitting and overall patient care. They  make use of the most innovative technologies to offer solutions that are cloud based, digital and mobile. 

Their solutions offer advanced and connected tools to generate leads and to perform complete and accurate examination in the remotest locations or through a tele-audiology platform. All of their tools are connected and the data is cloud-based to enable efficient patient flow from the identification to the diagnostic and the delivery of the right solution for the hearing impairment.

Koalys Connect
Advanced Digital Health Solutions

The Koalys Connect platform was designed to bring hearing care to anyone anywhere. This state-of-the-art Tele-Audiology platform empowers ENT physicians and audiologists to perform a complete and accurate examination within the realm of a remote consultation. This end to end solution can be integrated within an existing tele-medicine platform as an additional module, deployed as a stand alone kiosk, or be used as a mobile clinic for fitting.

Koalys Contact
Mobile Audiometer

The Koalys mobile screening audiometer performs pure tone tests within the scope of humanitarian missions, schools, clinics, pharmacies and other retail points for lead generation. Powered by our cloud based software, this screening solution requires only a calibrated headset and a smartphone. It is robust and reliable, has quick and automated testing protocols and can be operated by anyone.


Hearing screening is not as accessible as it should be. This practice is in need for reliable measurement solutions that do not break down, could be used by non-hearing care experts, work faster, manage background noise and are more affordable.

Koalys Confirm
Smart Mobile Audiometer

The Koalys Confirm is a powerful solution to perform pure tone and speech tests. It is portable, connected and cloud based. Its fast protocols, self testing and pediatric approach create higher efficiencies and efficacy.
This smart mobile audiometer is equipped with a video otoscope and requires only a calibrated headset and a tablet.
It is perfectly designed for occupational hearing care, GPs and pediatricians looking to perform a comprehensive diagnostic.
It is also well suited for advanced and fast screening in humanitarian programs, schools, clinics, pharmacies, and other retail points for lead generation.


Occupational physicians, GPs, Pediatricians and other health practitioners are facing day to day challenges in regards to hearing care. They are in need of a robust solution to perform complete and accurate assessments, while being more efficient in treating patients in multiple locations.


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