Press Release

Publishing date: 20 October 2019

LOK Corporation Is Proud to Announce a New Partnership with IMDA

This partnership will solidify the reach LOK has in the US market by becoming a member of the Independent Medical Specialty Dealers Association (IMDA). Our manufacturers will be showcased at special events hosted by IMDA. The CEO of LOK Corporation, Daniel Cloutier, has also been appointed to the Board of Directors of the association, this will help bring the manufacturer perspective to the table.

The US market is always a key piece of the international strategic planning puzzle. Having LOK as a member of IMDA will enable us in establishing durable distribution channels in the United States.Adds Daniel Cloutier

IMDA will be presented all of LOK’s innovative technologies seeking distribution in the US. The implication of Daniel Cloutier on the Board is also expected to improve association’s exposure to international manufacturers.

Having LOK corporation as an IMDA member and having Daniel on the board will help IMDA with perspectives outside our standard areas if influence and will allow us to expand into Canada with proven manufacturers.  IMDA has always been key in the US market for bringing new technologies to Healthcare Provides and will now be able to do the same for the Canadian market.  Bringing new technologies into the healthcare system requires a special set of operations and issues that standard of care dealers do not offer.Says Don Sizemore, Executive Director of IMDA.

About LOK Corporation
LOK Corporation is a manufacturing agent that helps companies develop and manage their international distribution network. Over the years, LOK has built a reputation representing major players such Masimo, SoClean and Lidco, but also companies that were in their first steps of commercialization. LOK also offers training tools for the sales force and several other services to support sales & marketing.

About the IMDA
IMDA (Independent Medical Specialty Dealers Association) is an association of dealers and manufacturers that specializes in bringing new technologies to healthcare providers. There are many dealers in the market, both national and local, that provide standard of care products to the healthcare providers, but they cannot offer the specialty functions that are required when introducing a new technology.  IMDA members are “Best in Class Regional Dealers” that bring those functions to a changing healthcare market so that providers can utilize new technology to meet their goals of providing better care, reducing the cost of care, and sustaining their organizations in their specific market.