Airway management devices for safer, simpler and more secure intubation

Genesis Airway is a supplier of the most innovative range of laryngeal mask airways and endotracheal tubes with posterior facing bevel and curved atraumatic tips.

The Interchangeable oral/nasal endotracheal tube

This unique product offers a method to change between an oral endotracheal tube to a nasal endotracheal tube (and vice versa) without reintubation, while ventilation is maintained.

Supraglottic airway devices with Bite Block

Other Genesis Airway products

Rescue endotracheal tube (ETT)
Allows intubation through a Supraglottic Airway Device (SAD) and subsequent removal of the SAD with continuous airway security, protection and ventilation
Reinforced endotracheal tube with posterior facing bevel

Provides a greater initial success rate of intubation when railroaded over a bougie or fiberoptic scope.

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