Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what are the benefits of working with LOK Corporation as a distributor? We have the most important questions covered here.

LOK Corporation is a service provider that helps medical device manufacturers in establishing and managing their distribution network. We make sure that the relationship between the manufacturer and distributor remains efficient and that the information flows both ways.

LOK Corporation is not a distributor. We do not purchase nor sell any product. Our activities are limited to helping the manufacturer and facilitating the relationship with the distributor.

The agreement is always directly between the distributor and manufacturer. LOK Corporation is never part of any distribution agreement.

You may always communicate with the manufacturer. The manufacturers of the products we represent do not have the expertise or the resources to manage international distribution, so they will simply revert to us.

LOK Corporation typically helps innovative medical device manufacturers for 2 to 3 years until they have an established distribution network and have the staff to support it. Our attractive business model greatly reduces the cost involved for manufacturers in building their international distribution. In all, the savings on travel expense, tradeshows, highly qualified business development staff and the acceleration provided by LOK Corporation greatly outweighs our cost, so we do not affect the price.

Our head office is in Canada, but we have account managers located in key regions worldwide to ensure prompt responses 24 hours a day.

We have been the bridge between manufacturers and distributors since 2008.

We are deeply aware of the distributor’s reality, so we are constantly listening to your feedback and needs. We ensure that regulatory and marketing documents are provided in time. We funnel leads in your region to you and make sure that you have the tools to penetrate the market.

Orders are concluded directly between you and the manufacturer of the products. LOK Corporation is not involved in any transactions. Purchase orders can be sent directly to the manufacturer or to LOK Corporation.

LOK Corporation offers different levels of expertise to manufacturers based on their needs. Typically, LOK Corporation will be involved in the qualification, negotiation, training, sales & marketing support, business review and complaint management.

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