EasyCryo are specialist in localized and whole limb cryotherapy. This compressive cryotherapy in an innovative treatment that combines cryotherapy and pneumatic compression at the same time. The Moove and the Twin by EasyCryo act on the blood vessels, promoting vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow to the area resulting in decreased inflammation and edema. This treatment also decreases muscle hypertonicity and the metabolic demand, relieving pain quickly. The combined intermittent pneumatic compression reduces the available space in the tissue for swelling. This treatment also promotes lymphatic flow, decreasing swelling. It is indicated for post surgical therapy and pain management therapy.

How it works

  • PROMOTES the vasoconstriction
  • REDUCES the bleeding
  • RESORBS edemas
  • ALLOWES faster patient exit
  • REDUCES inflammation
  • REDUCES pain

Performance: Our new range of Compressive Cryotherapy devices offer an effective cryotherapy combined with constant or intermittent pneumatic compression. The AUTOMATIC treatment mode regulates the flow of ice water in order to control the skin temperature, while the MANUAL one leaves to the therapist the temperature management. The Ice Compression devices ensure a therapeutic performance by personalizing the care in fully respect of the tissue physiology.

Efficiency: TWIN and MOOVE offer specific programs for post-op monitoring. The TWIN model, allows in addition to treat 2 patients independently. It is intended for the recovery room. The MOOVE model is the mobile version of our range, suitable for inpatient care in patient room and can also follow the patient from the waking room to the end of his care.

Simplicity: The ice water tank can also be cooled in a freezer to extend the duration of use. Our devices operate on mains power supply and on battery too (5 hours)



Personalization of the treatment

Chilled water tank: with ice cubes or at the freezer (3h cold guarantee).

Automatic purging of splints

Machine washable splints protective covers





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