Publishing date: 1 June 2019

Mission: The European Cystic Fibrosis Society is an international community of scientific and clinical professionals committed to improving survival and quality of life for people with CF by promoting high quality research, education and care.

Come visit Dymedso’s booth(#18) to discover a non-invasive and gentle airway clearance device that uses acoustical waves to get things moving.

The Frequencer® provides airway clearance therapy and promotes bronchial drainage by inducing vibration in the chest walls and changing the viscosity of mucous, making it easier to expectorate. This device is safe for all patients no matter their age, size or physical condition. Not only is the device easy to use, it can be used simultaneously with other treatments since it is not invasive and does not require any effort or engagement from the patient. 

The Frequencer® is indicated for patients who have respiratory ailments and individuals who have neuromuscular disorders. 

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