Contract Manufacturing

To be competitive, medical device manufacturers need affordable high-quality production options.
Our contract manufacturing facilities are located in Mexico and India which helps to leverage economic advantages and manufacture high-quality medical products at an affordable price.
Injection molding

Our strategic partner, Bioana, is a Mexican company that offers services in design, engineering, and manufacturing of medical devices. Bioana is an expert in medical device development and has been working in this segment since 2013 refining the R&D and production process to make it faster and better at mitigating risk.

Bioana manufacturing capabilities

Prototyping and testing equipment

Prototyping Equipment

Injection Molding BOY XS (10 ton)
Injection Molding Medium Machinery (5 ton)
Dukane Servo-automatic Ultrasonic Welder
Dukane Hand Held Ultrasonic Welder System
3D Printer CuboProTrio
3D Printer Witbox 2
CNC 3-axis
Milling Machine Roland MonoFab
Laser Cutter/Engraver
NextEngine 3D Scanner

Testing Equipment

Dimensional Inspection Digital Microscope
Universal Testing Machine
Force Gauge
Torque Gauge

Bioana Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Bioana facilities include ISO 7 and ISO 8 Clean Rooms for controlled medical device manufacturing to ensure that regulatory compliance is achieved.

To maximally optimise your expenses we also offer third-party logistics services and warehousing in Mexico.

DUV Healthcare is a part of our consortium located in Pune, India. Founded by experienced leaders of LabIndia Instruments, DUV Healthcare facilities are targeted towards manufacturing high-quality and technologically advanced medical equipment at a reasonable pricing.

DUV Healthcare office is located at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

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