Come see us at Medica 2019

Publishing date: 24 October 2019

On behalf of the entire LOK team, we are extremely excited to be attending MEDICA this year and representing the innovative technologies brought to life by Dymedso, Thornhill, Ossimtech, 3CPM, Forimtech, EpiGuard, Koalys and EasyCryo. This is the 5th consecutive year where LOK is an exhibitor and we know that many success stories start at MEDICA. The teams behind each and every one of these medical devices will be available to meet with you and walk you through their innovative products. We look forward to meeting you all.

Come visit us to discover the technologies we represent; we will be in Hall 13 at booth D04. To book a meeting with us, please fill this form.


Dymedso will be showcasing the Frequencer® V2x, an airway clearance therapy that uses acoustics, a safe and gentle way to treat any patient who has respiratory ailments. They will be launching their new home care version of the Frequencer®.

Thornhill Medical makes innovative healthcare devices and will be showcasing the ClearMate™, MOVES® SLC and the MADM™ Mobile Anesthesia. The ClearMate™ provides an immediate, effective treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning. The MOVES® SLC is a portable life support system for patient transport and on-site emergencies. The MADM™ Mobile Anesthesia is a smart, economical solution for private clinic and mobile anesthesia.

Ossimtech will be showcasing the Sim-Ortho™, a surgical training platform that enables the use of simulation to teach, train and test residents for open surgery procedures.
3CPM gastroenterology
The 3CPM® device detects, records, and analyzes the electrical activity of the stomach to diagnose the gastric myoelectrical activity (GMA) and abnormalities in a quick, accurate, and reproducible manner.
Forimtech radiography
Forimtech will be showcasing the RadPointer® probes, these are ultrasensitive intraoperative probes for oncological radio-guided surgery. These probes help surgeons locate cancer tumors, metastases and sentinel lymph nodes labelled with radiopharmaceuticals, without unnecessarily damaging healthy tissues.

EpiGuard will be showcasing the EpiShuttle®, a single-patient isolation and transport system, designed to provide maximum patient safety and comfort while allowing critical care and treatment to be performed. The EpiShuttle® can protect the environment from an infected patient or protect a vulnerable patient from a contaminated environment.

The Koalys mobile screening audiometer performs pure tone tests within the scope of humanitarian missions, schools, clinics, pharmacies and other retail points. Powered by a cloud-based software, this screening solution requires only a calibrated headset and a smartphone. It is robust and reliable, has quick and automated testing protocols and can be operated by anyone.
EasyCryo medical technology
EasyCryo will be showcasing the First and the Moove. This innovative organisation is specialised in localized and whole limb cryotherapy. This compressive cryotherapy is an innovative treatment that combines cryotherapy and pneumatic compression at the same time. Overall, this treatment promotes quicker tissue healing. This treatment method is used in orthopedic surgery and sports traumatology. This technology helps stop bleeding, reduces the pain, resorbs edema, and improves drainage.
Pathology 3D
Pathology 3D is a unique program that enables students to interactively model pathological changes in various diseases and syndromes on 3D models of human organs. Pathology 3D opens new learning opportunities for students.


Some of the businesses we partner with will also be in our booth to discuss how their services could support you!

LOK Network
The LOK Network is a group of partners that provides regulatory services, quality management systems and logistic services around the globe. They strive to be the medical device manufacturer one-stop-shop.

iMD Health
iMD Health Global is a Canadian-based award winning healthcare software development company.  Since 2010, iMD has grown its flagship product – – into the largest digital patient education and engagement platform. Centred At The Point of Care®, healthcare professionals use iMD’s cloud-based platform to engage with their patients at a deeper level and optimize knowledge transfer surrounding a patient’s condition and treatment plan.

IMDA (Independent Medical Specialty Dealers Association) is an association of dealers and manufacturers that specializes in bringing new technologies to healthcare providers in the United States and Canada.