The Clearmate™ by Thornhill Medical is the only portable system to treat monoxide poisoning. It was engineered and designed for rescue vehicles, hospital emergency departments, factories, schools, and any other facility where the earliest possible treatment of CO poisoning will save lives. Wherever carbon monoxide poisoning may occur, ClearMate™ can, with minimal training, be used by anyone. 

Treatment 3 times faster

The revolutionary, patented ClearMateTM device lets you treat CO victims at the scene, with elimination rates 3x as fast as oxygen, and effectively 3x as fast as hyperbaric oxygen. Since treatment starts much sooner, CO elimination is much faster.

The science behind the ClearMate™

The ClearMate™ works by eliminating CO through the lungs by rapid ventilation (either spontaneous or via resucitation bag). Brain blood flow is maintained by infusing carbon dioxide automatically to compensate for that lost during hyperventilation.


Minimal Training

Compact Design

100% pneumatic 
(no battery needed)





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