Seb Cloutier

Geoff Klass of Sense Neuro Diagnostics is talking about the development of non-invasive brain scanner that helps to detect brain haemorrhage in patients with stroke or traumatic brain injury.

In this episode, Daan Hoek, CEO of UV Smart – young and successful MedTech company from the Netherlands, tells us how in the heat of the health crisis his company managed to launch an emergency version of their disinfection product, whether online training can fully replace the live experience and what products the company will …

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Dr. Mark Noar, CEO of the 3CPM® Company, and Dr. Kenneth Koch, Section Head of Section on Gastroenterology at Wake Forest University, are presenting the electrogastrography technology and discussing its implementation in clinical practice.

In this episode, Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO of EpiGuard, an innovative Norwegian medical technology company, talks to Daniel Cloutier about 2020 in the scope of challenges it brought to the market and tells how her company handled supply chain disruptions, the inevitable shift to online training and the rapid growth in demand for its core …

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The Medical Therapy System (MTS) by i-Med International is the first neuro-musculoskeletal system that combines 3 unique technologies in one incredibly effective system, combined with new parameters, modulations and technologies. The MTS is an innovative and highly effective new concept in medical, electro-mechanical therapy. It was developed in Switzerland and San Marino in collaboration with …

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A single-patient/multiple-use ventilator, it provides “hands-free” ventilation for 30 days

Hemoperfusion adsorber to treat endotoxemia, sepsis or septic shock caused by gram-negative bacteria

The Alteco LPS Adsorber by Alteco Medical AB (ALTE:SS) is used in hemoperfusion to remove endotoxin (LPS) from the bloodstream for the treatment of endotoxemia, sepsis or septic shock caused gram-negative bacteria. LOK Corporation is proud to now represent Alteco Medical internationally.

Easy-to-use, low-cost, in-clinic and remote assessments for concussions and neurodegenerative conditions.

LOK Corporation is thrilled to announce that we now represent PROTXX, a pioneering provider of wearable patient management solutions.