LOK Corporation will be in Ljubljana for the 2018 Meeting of European Society of Thoracic Surgery.

Come meet with us at the Culture and Congress Center to learn more about our products related to this field of medicine:  

Radpointer: The Radpointer™ is an ultrasensitive intraoperative probe for oncological radio-guided surgery. It enables surgeons to locate cancer tumors, metastases and sentinel lymph nodes, without unnecessarily damaging healthy tissues. This compact and hand-held probe is available sterilizable or for single use.

Neuro France Implants: A French manufacturer of innovative spine implants and more recently thoracic ones as they launched the Thorib and Tryonix. The latest is a Sternal Replacement Implant that is designed for chef reconstruction after resection of bone tumors. All their well-designed implants are made of Titanium and Peek Optima to reach the highest standard of quality and durability.

 If you wish to schedule a presentation or meeting for these products or any other in our portfolio, please contact us.

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