The Sim-Ortho and the Pathology 3D software will be exhibited at the Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine in Moscow this October 10th-12th. 

The Sim-Ortho by OSSimTech will be in Virtu-Med’s booth, their exclusive Russian distributor. If you have not seen this amazing simulator, we invite you to discover the only virtual reality simulator for open orthopaedic surgery. The Sim-Ortho offers a level of unparalleled precision in a highly realistic 3D environment, as well as a life like touch feedback technology known as haptic technology, which replicates the applied force and resistance feedback felt by surgeons when they manipulate tools to cut and drill through bones and tissues. It combines the best innovations to deliver an immersive, multi-sensory training experience, measuring user-improvement through a variety of metrics in real time, and allowing for a highly individualized experience.

The Pathology 3D software will also be in Virtu-Med’s booth, where you will be able to discover another highly realistic 3D environment but applied to pathology learning. It stands out as the modern approach to learning with an interactive interface in which students acquire pathology knowledge faster. It consists of highly realistic 3D models of organs to which pathologies are applied. The user can then appreciate different manifestations on the organ, as well as histologic and gross examination slides. Pathology 3D can be used both under the supervision of a teacher or by the student alone to study.

Please contact us to schedule a meeting at the event, or to schedule a live presentation if you are not visiting Rosomed 2018.

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