Neuro France will be at the French Thoracic and Cardio-Vascular Surgery Society (SFCTCV) presidential meeting in Lille this June 13th to 15th.

They will be presenting their cardio-thoracic line of implants including the innovative ThoRib® and TRYONIX®.

The ThoRib® is the solution for thoracic osteosynthesis problems. This innovative system composed of staples and rods covers a large array of applications including Traumatology, Cancerology and Esthetics. It stands out by its solidity that ensures the patients' safety. The TRYONIX® is a Sternal Replacement Implant that is designed for the reconstruction of the chest after resection of bone tumors. The adaptability of the TRYONIX® makes it the perfect solution for total or partial sternectomy. Both systems are made of Titanium alloy Ti 6-Al 4-V to ensure solidity, quality and durability.

If you want more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact us.

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