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LOK Go-To-Market

We cover the entire spectrum of the Go-To-Market strategic development. We understand what it takes to establish and implement International Sales Strategies. We support our clients through their strategic journey, bringing appropriate intel, well-designed models and experience to address decision difficulties. Creating and gaining competitive advantage in this complex business environment requires synergy between leadership and execution.

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LOK Manufacturer Agent

Our slogan is Our Network - Your Strength for a simple reason: We are making the difference with our private network that includes more than 15,000 qualified distributors worldwide present in the 67 segments that compose the medical field, including Anesthesia, Orthopedic, Cardiology, Neonatal, Vascular, EMS, Oncology, Neurology, ORL, Surgery, ICU, etc.

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LOK Network

Based on our expertise of product development, clinical validation, and international regulatory submission aligned with all imposed requirements, we can customize a regulatory solution based on our customers’ particular needs and targeted global marketing strategies. We help our customers structure and formalize all necessary steps in organizing their affairs in order to meet their goals.

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Daniel Cloutier
Elena Andreeva
International Sales Director
Sebastien Cloutier
Marketing Director

"LOK and its hard-working team are great partners to OSSimTech. They assist us in the commercialization process, bringing valuable experience in qualifying distributors, negotiating contracts and helping in the management of our international sales network. LOK has become an extended arm of our business and we have full confidence in their services."

Gabriel R.

“LOK Corporation’s ability to understand international market dynamics and manage our channel of distribution has helped us grow our business and improved our distributor and customer support. “

Michael S.

“We’ve selected LOK Corporation to handle our territory management for Canada and South Africa. It takes time to build a relationship with distributors, given the importance that supporting them directly on the field will not only improve our brand awareness but increase our intel on the market and better tailored our strategy ...”

Roy W.